Black Pants and White Shirts

 A sharp pair of black pants is like a cold drink on a warm day!

 You can't have too much of a good thing - or too many pairs of black pants - that's what we at Zamboanga say.  A smooth pair of black pants is like a neutral background setting off a pretty blouse or tunic and drawing the eye away from any imperfections and up to your lovely face.

We Have Your Size!

This is our commitment to you:  ask us to find you a pair of black pants, a white shirt, a black or white tee.

At Zamboanga we have a huge selection of these basics, and every associate is happy to show you

everything you need to see.

And if you don't see it, ask if we can order it for you.


Here are some of the lines of black pants that we carry:

Smooth and form fitting:

Krazy Larry - the Cadillac of pants!




Suitable for Yoga and beyond:

Impulse True Jean

Teez Her






Book out the afternoon, come in and try them all!  Remember, always give yourself plenty of time to try on as many pairs as it takes.  Know which shoes you need the pants to work with - and if necessary bring them along.